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Congregation Magen David - for 42 years we have been serving the Jersey Shore community. As Rabbi Kassin says, we are the heart of the Jersey Shore. Whenever there is a need on the Jersey Shore, we answer the call and we build it.

  • In 1978, many families started moving to the neighborhood... our answer? Let’s build a Synagogue!
  • When our kids were hanging around 7-Eleven until all hours of the night... our answer? Let's build a Youth Center!
  • When we outgrew our original synagogue... our answer? Let’s build a bigger synagogue for the future generations!
  • When we didn’t have a social hall to host our family Semahot- brisses, bar mitzvahs and weddings... our answer? Let’s build a grand social hall!
  • When we needed a place for expanded Torah study... our answer? Let’s build a Torah Center!
  • When our youth center had a fire... our answer? Let’s build a bigger and better one!
  • When our elders needed a place to socialize and play cards... our answer? Let’s create the senior social center!
  • When our children needed a place to play... our answer? Let’s create The Joe Betesh Memorial Park!
  • When young families started moving in droves to the Jersey shore... our answer? Let’s expand and create affordable housing in our area!
  • As the Jersey Shore community grew, both in the winter and summer months, and our women needed another Mikveh to accommodate that growth, and also as a safe alternative to walking 2 miles in the dark on Fridays and Holidays... our answer? Let’s build a magnificent mikveh!

Magen David of West Deal- we are here for you and we are here for our community!

Please support our campaign as we prepare for future generations!!!

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